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Frequently Asked Dry Cleaning Questions

Q: How much will my dry cleaning cost?

A: Quality Dry Cleaning & Laundry is a highly skilled craft which requires time and knowledge to produce. Our prices are based on the time and skill necessary to provide you with the highest quality product possible.

Q: What separates you from discount cleaners?

A: Every item is inspected multiple times before it is packaged to protect it from soiling and wrinkling. Afterwards, the Final Inspector attaches their guarantee to the order to ensure you receive the highest quality service.

Q: Do you have an option for people who cannot make it to your store during normal business hours?

A: For your convenience we have a secure drop box available for after hours drop off. This way you can have your dry cleaning professionally prepared on your schedule. You may also utilize our “Personal Valet Service” for the ultimate in convenience.

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